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Fat Nozzle for PlastiDip®
£ 0.99
Fat Nozzle for PlastiDip
Can / Aerosol Trigger Sprayer
£ 4.39

Can / Aerosol Trigger Sprayer

FullDip FD650 Turbine Sprayer
£ 99.99
(-10.00%) £ 89.99
Budget Turbine setup to Spray Dip
TSS ProHse
£ 360.50

PRO Installer Turbine setup to Spray Dip
Sprays PRO TopCoats
For ANY liquid wraps

The PreVal Spare Sprayer
£ 9.50
Spare Aerosol for the Preval System
Pouring Spout for PlastiDip Gallons
£ 1.25

Pouring Spout
ONLY for PlastiDip Gallons
* ONLY plastic pourer included

Painters Mask PPE
£ 25.74

Protect your breathing while spraying

Tyvek Painters Suit PPE
£ 9.01

Protective Spray Suit from Tyvek

One Size - XXLarge to fit all

Glasses PPE
£ 9.49

Protective glasses

One Size to fit all
For Mixing and spraying eye protection

Pair of Heavy Duty Gloves PPE
£ 1.02

Protective gloves

One Size to fit all
Heavy Duty Pro gloves

Fat Nozzle for FullDip®
£ 0.99
Wide Angle, High Flow Nozzle for FullDip