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FullDip and Plasti Dip Differences

We often get asked this.  The answer? Not that simple I'm afraid!

Small bit of background

We try EVERY dip that comes to the market. Some send us samples on request, some sell us some, some refuse, so we have to buy through a third party (wonder why they refuse to send / sell us some eh!?)

So, if you have heard of a dip, we've tried it and sprayed it.

Few missconceptions cleared up here;

We are absolutely nothing, zero to do with, we buy nothing from them. In fact they hate us so much they were trying to close us down for years. They are NOT PLASTI DIP, they just called themselves that, and have that domain name, there are NO official PLAST DIP outlets, only official resellers. We are an official reseller.

We are also absolutely nothing, zero to do with DYC. We buy AFX from them, that's all. DYC do exactly what we do, buy from PLASTI DIP® USA (Performix) and resell. PlastiDip is NOT a product made by DYC.

What's our testing process?

We get the same panel everytime. We clean it using the same products, we then apply using the 'manufaturers' recommended guidelines. We assess how smooth it is, what it looks like, drying time, ease of use. We then put the panel on our roof for a month. After its seen all weathers, we get it down and assess its peelability, its strength and colour to see if it faded.

If we are happy with that (most fail by now) then we spray our car and drive around for a month or so. We also spray another panel and throw on the roof again, this time for longer term testing and weathering. After a month / 6 weeks or so we peel the car. After 6 months or more we peel the panel.

If we are happy with the results, we then work with the manufacturer / distributor to start to supply you the product.

So, as a rule, if we are happy enough to put / use on our own cars, we are happy to sell it. If it fails our tests, or we are not happy with with ANY part of the process, then we will NOT use or sell it. A product can fail for many reasons. Some reasons here;

  • Hard to spray
  • Poor coverage
  • Poor strength
  • Poor durability
  • Poor product
  • Poor peelability
  • Fades badly
  • Needs specialist equipment
  • Too expensive
  • Needs too much material
  • Manufacturer / reseller are difficult to work with / rude / greedy

If we don't sell / use the product, it is because it has failed on one or more reasons or an entirely different reason to above. We will not go into it further. We are not here to trash talk products or people. We will leave that to the other childish 'manufacturers' / 'distributors' / 'sellers'. We don't claim to be a manufacturer, in reality a lot of 'manufacturers' simply import, change labels / packaging and resell. We simply resell, don't relabel and pretend its 'ours'.

OK. So we narrowed it down, we currently sell FullDip, PlastiDip®,  Elastidip and AutoFlex Express (AFX)

PlastiDip® is the longest running dip available, and still one of the top ones (no matter what anyone tells you). As long as you use the correct USA made dip, the correct thinners and correct volume of material, PlastiDip is awesome. Huge range of colours. Comes in aerosol format, Sprayable and PURE. The pure is great for price as you get more material for your £££, but, you have to thin and mix it first yourself. An easy thing to do (we have videos to show) as long as you use the CORRECT thinners. You see people having problems on the internet with PlastiDip®, they have brought the issues on themselves, by not using correct thinners, correct mix or just simply not enough product. This is their fault entirely and we have no sympathy. We have all the time in the world for people who want to do it properly. We also have another page HERE to show the difference between genuine USA made aerosols, and the NON USA made aerosols.


  • Great product
  • Designed for the DIY home user
  • Works much better with the turbines
  • No.1 most used product in USA
  • Great coverage (Aaerosols / PDS)
  • Great peelability
  • Longest running Dip available (since 1972)
  • Widely available
  • FULLY interchangeable with our other 2 ranges
  • Many videos / tutorials online
  • Awesome range of colours
  • Works with ALL our pigment / tinter ranges colours
  • Safe for use on cars and wheels
  • 100% compatible with our FullDip range


  • Not such great coverage (self thinned)
  • Tricky to use with compressor setups
  • Poorer EU made version out there and hard to tell (see HERE for more info)
  • Getting a bad name due to bad users
  • USA aerosols NEED warming (see our vids to fix)
  • Glossifier is not OEM levels of gloss
  • SOME products have nasty chemicals in and are TRADE only use
  • NOT fuel resistant - NO 'dip' from ANY manufacturer is though
  • NO PRO finishes

More information at

FullDip has been running for a few years now. It's a great product. Ready to go and spray. Comes in aerosol and sprayable 4 litre sizes. Has a complete range of pre dip, aftercare products too. It's European made (Spain). Huge range of colours. Covers really well, durable and safe. NO nasty chemicals. ONLY the PRO topcoats have nasty chemicals. Fully complies with EU chemical legislation and use (REACH).


  • Great product
  • No.1 most used product in Europe
  • Designed for DIY / PRO users
  • Works perfectly well in turbines AND compressor setups
  • Amazing coverage
  • Lays incredibly smooth
  • Great peelability
  • HUGE range of colours
  • FULLY interchangeable with our other 2 ranges
  • Safe for use on cars and wheels
  • Ready for use, no thinning or measuring
  • PRO Topcoats are FUEL resistant
  • Works with ALL our pigment / tinter ranges colours
  • Better pricing
  • Needs less material
  • Has a near OEM type gloss finish (PRO range)


  • Glossifier is not OEM levels of gloss
  • PRO topcoats (gloss / matte) have nasty chemicals in and are TRADE use
  • NOT fuel resistant - NO 'dip' from ANY manufacturer is though - (the FullDip PRO topcoats ARE fuel resistant)
  • PRO 'topcoats' require a compressor setup to get a good finish
  • Not as widely used as PlastiDip in USA yet
  • Not as many vids or tutorials online (we are working on that)

More information at

Elastiwrap is great, great coverage. Previously known as ElastiDip. Its only weakness is you need quite a bit more material to give it proper peelability. Apart from that its great to use. We are dis-continuing it, as the manufacturer no longer makes it. See it in our clearance section.


  • Amazing coverage
  • Super smooth finish
  • Currently cheap till we sell out :)
  • Ready to spray, no measuring or thinning required
  • Designed for DIY / PRO users
  • CLEAR is more of a frosted look (perfect if thats what you are after)
  • FULLY interchangeable with our other 2 ranges
  • Works with ALL our pigment / tinter ranges colours
  • Smells awesome :)


  • Needs more material for full peelability like other products
  • Limited colours
  • Limited stock
  • No glossifier range
  • NOT fuel resistant - NO 'dip' from ANY manufacturer is though
  • CLEAR is more of a frosted look (although perfect if thats what you are after)
  • Not as widely used as PlastiDip
  • Not as many vids or tutorials online

More information at

So, in summary, which is better?

As we said, hard to say. Both FullDip and PlastDip® have their PRO's and CONS. We love them both and hard pushed to decide. We cannot give you a definitive answer. It is purely personal taste and preference. They are fully interchangeable though and can be used over each other with no issues so far. So you can use a FullDip primer base colour and then PLASTI DIP® colours on top and vice versa. Same with Elastiwrap. The PRO FullDip topcoats work fine over PlastiDip (but you need to add more material to ensure proper peelability). They are designed to go over FullDip for best results. They will work over PLASTI DIP®, but we do not recommend. We personally use FullDip on our cars and our customer dips. We still use PlastiDip as well, but mostly FullDip. Thats not an endorsement or us saying its better. We just love the way it works for us, and prefer it.