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tvr sagaris gtf liquid wrap / vinyl in orange, diamond gold, black and holographic spectraflair pigment at matt-pack

FullDip have stopped putting 2 nozzles in the aerosols now. They only come with the 1 white nozzle. Our older stock and slow moving colours will have 2 still, but any newer stock will only have the 1. We personally prefer the 2, but we have no control as we are not the manufacturer :)

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Tesla Model S Spray Wrapped in FullDip 'Kingsley Blue' at Matt-Pack. Satin finish

Tesla Model S Spray Wrapped in FullDip 'Kingsley Blue'. Satin finish

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With so many people copying us now and jumping on the PlastiDip bandwagon, check our video out to sure you are getting GENUINE USA PlastiDip

OK, so now you got the GENUINE USA made PlastiDip, check this out to make it spray 100% better :)

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