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Before Dip & Aftercare

FullDip DipCoat - Gloss
£ 9.78(10.95 €)
DipCoat Aftercare (fdc001)
For GLOSS finishes
FullDip DipCoat - Matte
£ 9.78(10.95 €)
DipCoat Aftercare (consfdc000)
For Matte / Satin finishes
FullDip Dip Dissolve
£ 10.60(11.87 €)

FullDip Dip DISSOLVER for removing unwanted dip

Use this for Matte / Satin finishes

Huge 500ml

Will NOT work on PRO topcoats
FullDip Pre-Dip
£ 8.23(9.22 €)

FullDip Pre Dip, used as a wipe down before masking 
Also a final wipe down / cleanup before dipping

Huge 750ml

FullDip Dip Shampoo
£ 10.29(11.52 €)
Dip Shampoo (fdc004)
For ALL finishes
Use one capful per litre mixed into warm water
wash car as normal
Matt-Pack Dip Clean
£ 20.59(23.06 €)
Waterless wash system
For ALL finishes