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TSS ProHse

TSS ProHse

(Code: eqprohse)

PRO Installer Turbine setup to Spray Dip
Sprays PRO TopCoats
For ANY liquid wraps

£ 360.50

THE go to gun for a PRO finish in ANY liquid wraps

Comes with

  • 1.7mm tip and needle for ALL base coats, colours and dip
  • 1.3mm tip and needle for ALL Liquid Wrap TopCoats
  • Toolkit & cleaning brush to keep it in tiptop condition
  • 1x high flow airline connector
  • Handy bag to keep it protected in storage
  • 600ml cup
  • 1x filter
  • NO import duties, large shipping or VAT

An expensive gun, but worth every penny. We will be making a few vids soon hopefully :)

Much cheaper than buying in from the USA once you factor in the shipping, import duties and VAT. Even with the fluctuating exchange rate.


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