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Quantities estimate

As a rough guide you need 7 PROPER coats for perfection. Why? Strength. Not enough on and it will damage VERY easily, it will scratch VERY easily. You won’t be able to keep it as clean cos you will not be able to wash it properly as it will peel once you try to scrub it. But most importantly, when it comes to peeling it will peel off in tiny 1/2 cm pieces as it has no strength. Therefore will take a few days to remove it and not a couple of hours that it does when done properly.


Smart car / Mini (proper) size cars - 1 litre per coat

KA size cars - 1.5 litres per coat

Fiesta / Mini (BMW) / Clio etc size cars - 1.75 litres per coat

Saloon / 3 series / C Class / Mondeo / small car derived vans size cars - 2 litres per coat

Large saloons 5 series / S Class / small car derived hi top vans size cars - 2.25 litres per coat

Larger saloons 7 series size cars - 2.5 litres per coat

Transits (SWB Low) / T5 / 4x4 (rangy / disco size) size cars - 3 litres per coat

Car not listed here? Email us and I will add it