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We used to be a bodyshop, then a customer asked us in 2012 to Plasti Dip their car. We had never heard of it before! We mangaged to get some and fell in love with it. It was notoriously difficult to get. We tried all the copies and all the versions of thinners. Coming to the conclusion that NOTHING out there was as good as genuine Plasti Dip. So we continued the search and just started importing it ourselves. It outgrown the bodyshop and pretty much all work carried out is dipping cars and selling online.

Our aim is to bring proper genuine Plasti Dip and the holy grail 'Plasti Dip Spray' to the masses in the UK at affordable prices.

Since then things have evolved a considerable amount. Lots of products come out, all claiming to be 'the best'. Well we buy them all, try them, test them and rate them. If they are any good we then try on our car in real world situations. If that passes then we start selling it. If it fails at any of these stages then simply put, if we wont put on our car we don't have the confidence to sell it either.

So far we have tried Plasti Dip, FullDip, Halo, Cardip, Raail, AutoFlex, Racer dip, Elastiwrap / Elastidip, Autodip, AutoFlex Express etc probably forgotten some of them!
Matt-Pack, FullDip, PlastiDip, Haverhill, Peelable paint, Vinyl, DIY, Sprayable paint
So, what do we do. Well, we import the FullDip, Plasti Dip aerosols and rubberdip spray from the USA / Spain, we also import the proper thinners. Yes this is more expensive, but it is the correct products. We do NOT load our dip with car paint to make it cover a car in one coat. This effects the dip and gives unwarranted side effects, e.g. not very strong, peeling, brittleness, reactions, peeling lacquer. We also use the factory spec thinners e.g. Toluene and Naphtha, we do NOT use car damaging thinners such as acetone, 2k or cellulose. If you don do not care about your cars paint underneath go ahead and use these.
Why do other sellers do this? Well, it is hard work and time consuming to import the proper stuff. And they can buy the cheap thinners at very low cost. Thereby making it attractive. Why load it up with car paint? Well, it makes their product look better. But you will get problems further down the line. And if a customers car is ruined, where will they go? Yep, YOU! Many horror stories of car paint being ruined using the cheaper route, I hear them all the time. So don't be a statistic in fails. Do it right first time.
WE will not compromise and use these underhand tactics to extract money from you. Leave that to them. If you want to give out a professional image, use the right stuff.
Matt-Pack, FullDip, PlastiDip, Haverhill, Peelable paint, Vinyl, DIY, Sprayable paint


Our Address

Matt-Pack Ltd, 
Unit 7,
Raymond Court,
Piperell Way,
Haverhill, Suffolk, 
CB9 8PH,
United Kingdom
VAT: GB 162477693

Company Number: 08390717

Opening Times

Monday - Thursday: 7.30am to 3.30pm
Friday: 7.30am to 3.30pm
CLOSED for lunch between 12.30pm-1.30pm Monday - Friday
We are often here untill 6pm/7pm or even 8pm spraying. Check with us before you make the trip though!

Saturday - CLOSED - Appointment ONLY
Sunday - CLOSED - Appointment ONLY

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If you are messaging for help with your project, please include vehicle make, model, current colour it is now, and colour you wish to go to. We cannot help without these details. Saying 'Small car' is pointless, and of no use.


All pictures on this site have been taken by us or our customers. All projects on this site have either been dipped by us or our customers using our products. We do NOT use pictures from all over the world and steal from other site as others do. Rest assured, everything on this site is genuine and ours. We do not PHOTOSHOP everything to make look better than it is either, as others do. Beware a lot of pigment sites show pictures with a 2k lacquer on the shapes, this makes them look different in the pictures to a MATTE finish.