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PlastiDip TopCoats

Plasti Dip® is an air-dry, specialty rubber coating. In fact, it’s the original peelable, flexible, insulating, non-slip, durable rubber coating. The Plasti Dip® product line provides a wide range of coating solutions from automotive customization to home improvement. With over 50 colours and enhancers of Plasti Dip®, the possibilities are endless!
Protects coated items against moisture, acids, abrasion, corrosion, and skidding/slipping, and provides a comfortable, controlled grip. Remains flexible and stretchy over time. Will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions
Proven in temperatures from -30°F to 200°F. Peelable and removable off of most surfaces.
PlastiDip Topcoats are as the name suggests, a topcoat. As In the final coat. This gives the finished colour a final look, be it glossifier or satin. There are two main PlastiDip glossifiers, the standard and the more UV resistant Fade Buster Glossifier. We also do a DIY Satin kit, for a satin finish. We make smaller Glossifier 1 litre here, these are decanted from the 1 US Gallon Glossifiers.
These will give a 'shiny' finish. They will NOT give and OEM style finish. We also recommend using the dipcoat afterwards to lose the 'rubbery' felling you get. It is important when spraying these that the dip is completely dry (minimum 12 hours) before you spray the topcoat. It is also imperitive that there are no temperature changes during drying. As in don't do outside at dusk when the temp drops and humidity increases as you will get blushing. Do NOT add pigments to this (see vid - shows FullDip glossifer, but same results with the PD glossifier, maybe worse). It is a final topcoat. For pigments use the PDS clear (matte). The Glossifier is Ready For Use (RFU), just mix pour in gun and go, either the FD650 or compressor setup. 1.8tip @2bar.
How To Use
Spraying Tips
How To Spray:
Spraying (aerosol)
1.            Surface must be clean and dry. For best results, avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, or breezy conditions.
2.            Shake can vigorously for one full minute after mixing ball begins to rattle. Shake often while applying.
3.            Hold can 6-10” from surface, moving can back and forth, slightly overlapping each stroke. Apply heavily enough to produce an even, wet appearance.
4.            Allow 30 minutes’ minimum between coats. Apply as many coats as desired (3-7 average).
5.            Allow 4 hours’ minimum dry time before use (overnight recommended). Coverage: Approximately 5-10 sq. ft. per can (1 coat). Generally 1 Can per wheel.
Spraying Tips:
Always protect surrounding areas from over spray. Allow 4 hours per coat for complete dry. If runs or sags are experienced, move can further away from surface. To avoid clogged nozzle, turn can upside down and spray for 5 seconds. If clogged, remove nozzle and soak in naphtha or mineral spirits for 30 minutes. Do not stick pin or other objects into stem. Use naphtha, xylene (xylol), or toluene (toluol) for clean-up. To greatly increase non-skid properties, sprinkle a generous amount of grit onto wet surface of first coat. Apply at least two additional coats of Plasti Dip. For best results, use a pumice (crystalline silica) grit. Results may vary with other grit additives. When applied properly Plasti Dip can be removed from most surfaces, if desired.
FullDip DipCoat
£ 13.99
DipCoat Aftercare (fdc001)

£ 12.49
311gr / 400ml Aerosol
Recommended BASE : N/A

Genuine USA made PlastiDip aerosol. 
Glossy finish.
Designed to go over ANY colour and make it glossy.

PlastiDip® 1 Litre Glossifier
£ 18.53
Ready to Spray
NO thinning required
PlastiDip DIY Satin Kit
£ 87.46

DIY Satin Kit
1x US Gallon Matte CLEAR PDS
1x 1L Glossifier
1x 5L Spare container

PlastiDip® 5 Litre Glossifier
£ 89.99
Ready to Spray
NO thinning required