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Once a car / project is spray wrapped with ANY product that states its peelable, then it should look like the above. If it doesn't, have a look at possible reasons below.

Usual reasons for failing to peel properly;

Improperly prepared surface before dipping.

Not enough material used. Number 1 reason.

Something added to the dip. Usually car paint to make it cover better. This is a really bad one to remove. Doesn't happen so much nowadays (fortunately).

Poor product used to start with.

Car left outside under a tree and not washed ever.

Chemicals used to clean it that have reacted with the dip and made is less elastic. (ususally by those 'hand car wash' guys using harsh chemicals)

Standard car lacquer used as a topcoat (really hard to remove)

We offer a dip removal service. The cost varies hugely depending on the product that was used, what efforts you have made so far, how well it was done to start with. We can give you a rough estimate via email. But we may need to see the car. We require an email request from yourselves, stating when was dipped, what it was dipped with and who did it. We then need 4 photos of the car from all four corners so we can see the entire car.

Usually takes a day to remove it. So start price is £150. It is then £150 for each further day we have to spend on it, plus any consumables / materials we need extra. Be prepared on some jobs for the process to be a long one. Some materials are notoriously bad at peeling / removing. We have heard of people having to pretty much sand the car back to bare metal to remove it. Few years back there was an R8 that was completely ruined by another material. That company are no longer in business of course... Our process will do no extra damage to car or paint (other than what has already been done). We have spent a long time and a lot of effort on figuring out the removal. Sometimes it is an extremely mucky job. But then if it was easy, you would do it :)

This is the IMPORTANT bit

We hold ZERO responsibility for any damage done to the paintwork during the removal stage. We have lots of removers and chemicals here that are safe on cars and remove it ok. BUT, the damage will already have been done. Symptons and problems below (this list is not exhaustive and every scenario);

Lacquer peel when removed

Staining of original colour

Damage to paint

Dull finish to paint

Damage to trim

The most common excuse we hear, from people who did the car themselves, used pro products, didn't use enough base and ignored all the advice. Then say 'I bought the car like this' :)

These rarely happen, but it is good to know in advance what the effects of using those 'cheap guys' are. There is a reason they are 'cheap'. If they ruin your car, not so 'cheap' now are they! I doubt there is any recourse from them, as I imagine they are out of business by now anyway.