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Genuine USA made Aerosols? How to tell.

Before we go into the details, remember we have always sold and always will sell the genuine USA made aerosols ONLY

PlastiDip® is quite well known now. We've been selling it for years. But a lot of people don't know there are TWO versions of aerosol. The GENUINE USA made aerosols, and the NOT USA made aerosols.

Whats the difference?

1 The USA ones have a richer colour it seems.

2 The USA ones have more rubber and peel better it seems.

3 The USA made ones have a better aerosol. They are more reliable.

4 The USA made aerosols NEED warming up. You get SUCH a better finish from them if you do (see vid below).

5 The NON-USA ones do not need warming up, as they have less colour and rubber in them so the rubber inside does not get thick when cold.

6 We are NOT saying the NON-USA ones are rubbish, we're saying they're not as good.

So whats the problem?

Well, pretty much everyone else on ebay are selling the NON USA aerosols, even though they post a picture of the USA aerosols. What can you do? Well, look at the pictures below, you can compare to what you recieve. If if is not genuine USA made aerosols, and they are claiming they are and even using pictures of the USA made aerosols, you can return them at their cost and either request the genuine USA made ones be sent or refund.

Before ordering you can email / message them and ask if they are the GENUINE USA made aerosols, or the UK ones. If they say UK ones then you can pass on them, if they say USA ones, make sure you receive what you are asking for. Use the below to compare.

genuine usa made aerosol?

So here we have the two aerosols side by side. The left is NON USA made and the one on the right is a USA made aerosol.

OK, so lets get the lids off. The difference is VERY easy to spot.

Better look at under the lids. You want the one on the right.

Now the clincher, look on the bottom of the aerosol. The genuine USA made ones have a serial and the colour stamped on there. So even if you lose the lid, you know exactly what colour is in the aerosol.

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