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Matt-Pack Spray Wrap - UK made PlastiDip and FullDip alternative

Matt-Pack Spray Wrap

Introducing the Matt-Pack Spray Wrap. Made in house here at Matt-Pack.
  • Long Term Tested by us.
  • 100% compatible with FullDip® and PlastiDip®
  • 100% compatible with ALL our pigments and tinters.
  • 100% compatible with the FullDip PRO and AFX topcoats.
  • Turbine friendly
  • Compressor setup friendly.
  • The most competitive priced Dip on the market in the UK.
  • Easy pour containers
  • Colours come 'pre mixed' and ready to go!
  • Handy 1 litre size for small jobs or simply testing.

Matt-Pack Spray Wrap - 5 Litre MATTE
£ 74.99
For adding pigments / tinters or using as a clear PPF
Matt-Pack Peelable Spray Wrap
5 Litre
Ready for Use
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Matt-Pack Spray Wrap - 1 Litre MATTE
£ 19.95
For adding pigments / tinters or using as a clear PPF
Matt-Pack Peelable Spray Wrap
1 Litre
Ready for Use

Firstly, the project needs to be cleaner than new. It must also be DRY. NO dirt, dust, wax, sealants, grime, insects, brake dust, anything. Any of this on the project will lead to issues, usually reactions or self peeling / lifting. All materials should be mixed beforehand. Any pigments or tinters added should be added the day before spraying and mixed thoroughly. All masking on the project should be in place, and firmly attached to anywhere you do NOT want the spraywrap to reach. Apply 2 very light dust coats; also referred to as grip or tack coats. The project should NOT attain the colour of the material
after these 2 coats. If it does you went too heavy. Follow this by 4-5 wet coats. Be careful not to get runs and not to
miss patches. Complete coverage is necessary with ALL coats. Failure to completely cover will leave parts that are too thin to peel. Leave overnight. If you have any hard edges using tape, peel them as soon as you finish the last coat. The next day, either use the chosen topcoat (follow that procedure) or DipCoat it, peel and clean your project. Ideal  temperature for spraying is 23°. Allow it to air dry, do NOT force dry it. It needs time to level out, rushing this will leave a texture. A compressor setup is perfect. Use a 1.8 – 2.0 tip and spray at 2 bar.