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We do several sample options.
  • Speed Shape - black or white speedshape coated in requested colour
  • 100ml bottle - 100ml of peelable paint to put into your gun, preval etc to test out colour.
  • Spray out card (colour Chip) - 50/50 white and black card to show same requested colour over contrasting base colours.
  • Sample packs - pack of colour set speed shapes.
The PreVal Spare Sprayer
£ 9.50
Spare Aerosol for the Preval System
Matt-Pack Custom Colour 400ml Aerosol
£ 30.00
Matt-Pack made Custom Colour Aerosol

Speedshape Sample Pack
£ 119.88
Sample Pack of Speedshapes
Samples of colours - Speed Shape
£ 12.99
Small speed shape showing the colour requested
Samples of colours - 50ml Bottle
£ 12.29
50ml bottle of colour, to be used with a gun, turbine or a preval, showing the colour requested
Samples of colours - Colour Chip
£ 11.99
Spray out card (colour chip) showing the colour requested