Same day shipping / Next day delivery
The UK's home of peelable, sprayable paint since 2012
What we currently accept.

We can only ship to registered / confirmed or authorised addresses. Pre paid collections will need the proof of purchase and ID.
Bring ID with you to collect, if you do not then NO collection
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit or Credit and most other cards. We will ONLY ship to card holders address. Cards are subject to a minimal 1% fee. We get charged more than this and split it.
Cards can be taken on site but are subject to a 2.75% surcharge
We accept cheques. Once cleared, we will send your order.
You will receive our bank details after ordering. You can then make a transfer from your bank account. Once cleared we will ship order out to you. This is the ONLY way we can ship to ANY address, as opposed to card holder or verified address.
Use your PayPal account for a secure payment. We ONLY ship to 'confirmed' addresses using this payment method. You will need to provide the confirmed address before it is shipped. If you still go ahead and order, we will refund it immediately, minus the PayPal fees and a £5 admin fee. This is due to high amount of fraud using PayPal. This is NOT available for international orders. They require bank transfer. This is subject to a 2% fee. We get charged more than this but we split it.