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Candy Pearl Colours

The FullDip Candy Pearl colours are a collection of pearls from FullDip. They are harder to apply than solid colours, but look so much better!
99% of the time they require a BLACK base. It will say what is required in the chosen pigment. Changing the base colour can dramatically change the end colour / effect. They are an ‘effect’ NOT a ‘colour’.
These are supplied as kits, they come as a 4 litre FullDip matte CLEAR and a bag of the chosen pigment. 
The FullDip pigments are a MASSIVE 75g of powder.
We recommend adding 24 hours before at the minimum.
We always use the pigment blender with the powders. 
More info in the pigment section.
We offer an RFU (ready for use) option where we will mix it into the matte clear for you here, before shipping, if you wanted to make sure it is done properly. There is no requirement to do this, it is simply a service we offer. The default is in kit form. Click on the item then choose RFU for it to arrive mixed and ready to use. This is your choice, they are extremely easy to mix and no measuring is required.
See the tinters / dropin section for all the mixing info.
FullDip 4 Litre Candy Pearl Platinum Metallic Pearl
£ 69.98
FullDip Candy Pearl
Platinum Metallic Pearl 
4 Litre Sprayable