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Do you import the Plasti Dip from America? I bought some red aerosol off you, the quality was great and I'm really please with the result. I then bought some black aerosol Plasti Dip from but when it arrived the can was really poor quality with just a plastidip sticker on the can rather than the usual can, so i looked into it and found that the UK version of plastidip isn't meant to be very good compared to the US stuff. So i was just wondering whether you imported from America or whether they have just changed the design of the can? I shall stick to buying from you in the future!

Many Thank"



"Alan at Matt-Pack has been insanely helpful, willing to deal with all my questions as soon as he can. Items purchased have been dispatched promptly and have arrived within 2 days without fail every time. Look forward to my adventure into Plasti-dip thanks to the very easy and helpful service from Matt-Pack"

Antony Bragg


Good afternoon Alan,

Just a quick email to thank you so much for your advice with regards to dipping my car matte white.

You probably are bombarded with countless emails daily, but a few months ago I emailed for advice as my MX5 was black but wanted it white.

I ordered your kit on your advice which included the gun kit and 5 litres of gunmetal and 5 litres of white plastidip (I know you said 15 in total, but I'm stubborn and always think I am right!).

Anyway turned out I needed 15 so ordered another 5 litres of white!

Car looks absolutely fabulous, had countless comments at shows this summer on how lovely the matte white "wrap" is - people can't believe how smooth the finish is for plastidip!

Absolutely hooked on plastidip now and am tempted to go black for the winter now, even considering a pearl on top maybe in the spring too. But I do love the white...

Sorry for the long email just wanted to make sure I contacted thanking you!

I have attached a couple of photos if you wanted to use them at all for marketing purposes/customer car pictures on your site.

Thanks again.

All the best,


The picture is the white MX5 in the pictures section


Training day.

Thanks Alan,

Good day that turned out to be a very worthwhile. We have been dipping our own cars for a couple of months, tried the cheaper version of supposedly 'rubber dip' and its not what it says on the can. Then stumbled upon Alan and Matt Packs corner of the world trying to find the genuine rubber dip spray and thank god I did. It sprays well, peels as should and low and behold never wrecked the car paint after peeling some panels. The training day has sorted the couple of things we were unsure about from practicing on our test cars. Well worth the little investment to Alan and he now has a full time customer. I'd also recommend the burger for lunch that Alan throws in, lush! You don't get that on training session anywhere.

Cheers Alan,

RS Alloy Refurb.


I am owner of AKtints Ltd. For some time I wanted to offer new spray wrapping service for our customers and after looking into it, I found that Alan at Matt-Pack is offering training in Plastidipping and is doing it the longest time in UK, so had no doubt about going there. I have never done even any painting, so I needed all possible advice starting from basics. Alan proved to be very knowledgeable and thorough teacher. He covered all aspects of plastidipping a car including, how to prep car, which plastidip to use, how to mix and apply it. Alan showed different spray guns, differences between them, how to use and clean them. I had very informative and fun day while doing training with Alan at Matt-Pack.

I just finished course, but am already looking forward to doing business with Alan at Matt-Pack.

Alex at AKtints Ltd

Thanks again and all the best,



I would like to say firstly I have never in my life made a testimonial but I feel in this case it is needed as I would like to let everyone know my experience with Matt pack,the customer service is amazing,if every company treated people like Alan from Matt pack customers would have no issues...period

After being let down by 2 other companies who sell fake Chinese rubbish that ended up ruining customer cars and another company who sells modded dip with normal thinners I turned to Matt pack for help,I would never look back and strongly advise to stay away from all these other guys as I've seriously learned the hard way!

Matt pack are the only company worth using when it comes to plasti dip in the uk and that's that,the product is by far the best and it's pointless buying any other brand!

This guy is the real deal,
Thanks alan,

Team Spray wrap automotive


"Hi mate just to let u no ur plastidip is perfectmate the finish is perfect as well. Will be ordering more. Thank" - 077*****467


I received the kit you sent, and I was really pleased with it, I've dipped my car and it
looks great. Thanks for the fast delivery have a great Christmas. Kayris


From eBay
well packed what i wanted and with the proper nozel sweet thanks

Best paint I have ever used seller RECOMMENDED and very well packed 100% happy!!

Really easy to use paint and good service thanks a+++

As described. Cannot fault seller. Thanks.

Best on eBay for Plasti Dip!! A+++

Great stuff, deeper colour than eu plastidip. Thanks

Quick delivery, just as described better that the UK stuff, better coverage A+++

Amazing ;) I'm defo buying more from you .. Well packed and secure . Cheers

Genuine item and great seller. Thanks!

Item was of the most exceptional quality! Good delivery. Exceptional service. A+

Quick delivery, great item. Trusted seller not the dodgy ones I tried before.

Superb - having tried both, I agree this is better than the 'European' version