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Matt-Pack Merc Anodised Blue

Matt-Pack Merc Anodised Blue

First job peel all old dip off from previous colour. Pre dip it. Then remove handles, mirrors etc.. Once masked pre-dip again. Now ready to dip a new colour.

Matt-Pack Merc cleaned up and ready to dip

Next we need a black base for this colour, so 4 coats matte black premix

Matt-Pack Merc matte black base coat

Matt-Pack Merc 1st coat anodised blue

Third and final coat of anodised blue;

Matt-Pack Merc Anodised Blue

All peeled and cleaned up. Followed by 'dip protect'

Matt-Pack Merc Anodised Blue


Materials Used

For this we used;

Everything that comes in a pro kit

We used 1x 5l black premix, 1x 5l black dipPLUS,  then a 5l satin mix with 50g Anodised Blue pigment mixed in. Had about half a litre left of pigment mix.

Finished product;

All Finished. 'Anodised Blue' over a black base. 5 litre premix black, 5 litre black dipPLUS followed by 5 litre satin...

Posted by Matt-Pack on Friday, 21 August 2015