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TVR Sagaris to Silver Pearl over White

TVR Sagaris Silver Pearl over White

Firstly for this project we dont want the under bonnet areas to be showing as the original Red-Glow Pearl. And as we inted to keep changing the colour a black would work best. So bonnet removed and then masked up to do the black.

TVR Sagaris bonnet off
TVR Sagaris bonnet off 2

TVR Sagaris bonnet off 3

Remember to peel the masking straight after last coat to give a nice crisp line

Onto the white, remove and mask everything you need to.

TVR Sagaris masked

Next, the first coat applied

Then On with more coats till fully white

TVR Sagaris dipped white

Next the Silver Pearl

Then Peel the tape and masking etc...

TVR Sagaris white pearl peeling

All peeled, rebuilt, cleaned up and dip protected.

TVR Sagaris Silver Pearl Peeled

Materials Used

For this we used;

Everything that comes in a pro kit

We used 2x 1US gallon of RDS white, then a 5l satin mix with 50g silver pearl

As an alternative you could use this and give same effect;
5 litres White premix
5 litres White DipPLUS
2 litres Clear matte
1 litre glossifier
30g silver pearl pigment

Mix the 2 litres matte clear and 1 litre glossifier together, then add the silver pearl and mixed. This will give 2 good coats of the pearl on this size car.

Finished product;