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FullDip 4 Litre Solid - ULTRA BLACK - SATIN
  • FullDip 4 Litre Solid - ULTRA BLACK - SATIN
  • FullDip 4 Litre Solid - ULTRA BLACK - SATIN
  • FullDip 4 Litre Solid - ULTRA BLACK - SATIN

FullDip 4 Litre Solid - ULTRA BLACK - SATIN

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Darker BLACK
4 Litre sprayable FullDip liquid vinyl / wrap
ready to spray and use
£ 89.99
Discount on quantity

Introducing a new black,


Same great spray wrap, but now with a darker black, more sheen, smoother finish.
Use a normal BLACK as a base colour, then finish it off with this.

See HERE for comparison

FullDip - the best PlastiDip® alternative we know of

4 litres

Ready to spray


REACH compliant

Covers and colour changes really easily

Lays super smooth

Wraps, protects and changes colour with matte finish. It can be removed by peeling it, as with PlastiDip®.
Full Dip's long research process makes them the pioneers in the liquid vinyl.
Full Dip in 4L format, premixed and ready to apply. For the correct application use either an Earlex or conventional compressor setup.

2016 NEW Formulation, with professional Auto Leveling Additives always perfect smooth finish

Non-Oxidation additives - stays peelable for more than 10 years!!

100% Manufactured in Europe (Spain)

How much FullDip is needed to paint my car? Depends on the size and the base color, but we can generalize as follows;
For small cars two tins
For medium three or four tins based on size (usually 3)
Large cars five.


Liquid Vinyl application means once dried it becomes a tough elastic and durable film.

It can be easily removed.

Full dip can be cleaned with most soaps, and resists water, mud or pressure water Cleaning.

No cracks or self peeling off with the time.

See our installation guide.

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Love this stuff.
Andrew s.
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Fast delivery and everything I needed.
Andrew s.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product.
John H.
Shopping Satisfaction
The new ultra black is good and durable.
Andrew H.
Shopping Satisfaction
Deep rich smooth coverage. Fantastic choice over the Matt Black has more to offer worth the extra few quid.
Dan Brookerz.