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Audi TT mk2 in Chameleon CS4E and PRO Gloss

Step 1 - 4L Gunmetal Grey Fulldip base colour (4 Litres used) - (we only used Gunmetal as we had some lying here or we would normally use all black for base only)

Step 2 - 4L Black Fulldip base colour (2 Litres used)

Step 3 - Mix the CS4E into the FullDip CLEAR matte

Step 4 - Spray the CS4E on (3 Litres used)

Step 5 - Leave 12 hours

Step 6 - Apply the FullDip 3k PRO Gloss

Step 7 - Leave 12 hours

Step 8 - Give it a quick flat and mop to remove any trash and imperfections

Step 9 - Rebuild and drive away :)