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FullDip PRO High Gloss Topcoat

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Fuel and scratch resistant Peelable High Gloss

You can flat and polish this (we recommend 2 wet coats if flatting and polishing).
NOT designed for DIY use. PRO Gloss
Requires a compressor setup to do properly

Full Dip PRO High Gloss

fuel and scratch resistant
can be sanded and polished


2 stage application;

mix the gloss and hardener 2:1 add 10% additive and spray on

one dust coat

one or two wet coats (your choice - we recommend 2 if flatting and polishing)

Kit Contains 2 litres gloss, 1 litre hardener and 250ml additive. (3.25 litres in total). This kit will do 2 x mx5's or 1 C Class Merc size car. Very little is used.

This product is not recommended for the non professional. It contains chemicals that are not good for you. You need the proper PPE equipment. Full protective suit and at minimum an organic, inorganic mask.

Info sheet HERE

For a compressor setup, we use here a Sealey S701g 1.4 at @ 24psi and get the results below. You can use better guns, and you will get better results (at a cost of course). If you spray in a professional booth, again you will get better results, but you will need all sorts of council / planning permission and a 10k booth. Remember a lot of videos of the really good finishes are sprayed by professional car painters, in a £10k booth with £500 guns! Do not expect perfection. Dust is your enemy with this product. You could get away with it, with just a normal matte / satin finishes, but high gloss will show up dirt and dust badly. Just be realistic in your expectations. Also if you do not put minimum 7 WET coats of Full Dip liquid wrap down you will struggle to peel in the future. It will not be the products fault, but your own for skimping on product to start with.

Using a compressor and gun setup - Our recommendation is minimum 3 hp, minimum 14CFM and at least 200 litres air storage. Belt driven are better and quieter than v twins, and last longer too. Screw compressors are by far the best (and most expensive). An air drier is pretty essential too (better spray and removes a lot of orange peel). As for guns a Sealey s701g 1.4 the gloss is good budget gun. The Devilbiss FLG / SLG good mid gun and you can go right up to a Sata 5000 B HVLP if you wanna go crazy!

We personally would label this as semi permanent over PlastiDip®. It WILL DEFINITELY peel, but not as well as standard PlastiDip® with out it. If you do not put enough PlastiDip® down first it will be VERY difficult to peel. It is tricky to apply and if your spraying is not good, will be very orange peel. This is pretty difficult to spray properly to get flat and have no runs. Not for a first dip at all. We would say at least 5 + dips before you attempt this. We recommend using over the FullDip, it works better and peels better :) We recommend you use FULL DIP dip for a gloss base. It works 100% better and peels 100% better.

Get orangepeel? Here's how to fix it :)

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No. 1 on the market.
Rune Rambuk.
Shopping Satisfaction
Used this gloss yesterday. Easy to follow instructions and easily mixed. Comes with filter and cup also so everything you need. Great finish once cured.
Gary Russell.