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Tyre Pen - Yellow

Tyre Pen - Yellow

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FullCarX Tire Pen
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FullCarX Tire Pen is a marking pen specially designed and manufactured with synthetic resins and pigments of high quality and high strength.
Fast drying to the touch and very high adhesion and elasticity, which guarantees a long life on tires and elastic elements.
Marker pen with 17ml liquid ink capacity with spring opening valve system. It allows to paint precisely with the quantity of product needed in each moment.
- Dry to the touch very fast.
- Excellent adhesion on any surface, especially on rubber and rubber.
- High elasticity for long periods of time
- Resistant to washing with pressurized water and washing tunnel

- Good resistance to temperature, maximum of 100º
- Touch-drying time of 10 minutes
- Repainting possible at 10 minutes to finish colour.
- Product life over 3 years
- Complete drying at 24h
- Application temperature between 5-35ºC -
Note: If the tip is dry, let the valve actuated for a few minutes in vertical / lower position so that it is slowly soaked again. It is also possible to reactivate the tip with universal solvent.




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