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Tinter - PlastiDip BROWN

Tinter - PlastiDip BROWN

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Drop-In to colour a CLEAR
PlastiDip or FullDip
£ 16.99


Drop-In to colour a CLEAR

PlastiDip or FullDip

Tinter for adding to clear to create colours, or adding
to already coloured dip to create a colour or just simply enhance and create
your own sprayable coloured dip.

NO measuring required.

Simply pour ALL of the contents into one of the

1x 4 Litre FullDip CLEAR

1x US Gallon of PDS (PlastiDip Spray / RDS) CLEAR

1x US gallon of customer thinned sprayable CLEAR

You can mix and match these to create your own colours.
Never put more than 1 and a half of these tinter into the above quantities or
you may experience issues.


We recommend you do a few coats of just CLEAR / PRIMER
GREY base first. these tinters are mega strong and if you put directly
onto a car you risk staining.

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