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Tinter - Matt-Pack SILVER (Large Flake)

Tinter - Matt-Pack SILVER (Large Flake)

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Drop-In to colour a CLEAR / make a colour metallic
PlastiDip or FullDip
£ 18.00

Drop-In to colour a CLEAR / make a colour metallic
PlastiDip or FullDip

Tinter for adding to clear to create colours, or adding
to already coloured dip to create a colour or just simply enhance and create
your own sprayable coloured dip.

NO measuring required.

A small amount at a time, then mix, then a little more, then mix. Keep doing this until you get the look you want. 
Remember, if you put too much in, you cannot take it out!
The more you add, the ‘lighter’ the start colour becomes. Too much and you can make the colour more silver than original colour!
For example – RED. Too much and it will start to turn pink. BLACK. Too much and will turn silver / anthracite colour.
These addins will work in FullDip and PlastiDip. Same rules apply, little at a time.

1x 4 Litre FullDip CLEAR

1x US Gallon of PDS (PlastiDip Spray / RDS) CLEAR

1x US gallon of customer thinned sprayable CLEAR

You can mix and match these to create your own colours.
Never put more than 1 and a half of these tinter into the above quantities or
you may experience issues.


We recommend you do a few coats of just CLEAR / PRIMER
GREY base first. these tinters are mega strong and if you put directly
onto a car you risk staining.

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