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Starter Kit Pro Addon Kit

Starter Kit Pro Addon Kit

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All the extras to make your project easy to do
£ 59.99
Worth £75.99 if bought individually!

What comes in the Pro Addon Kit?

1x FullDip Dip Coat - Matte
1x Matt-Pack Pre-Dip  (1 Litre Spray)
1x Masking Tape - 2"
2x Single Edge Razor Blades
2x MicroFibre Cloth
1x Speed Mask SMALL
1x Safety Glasses PPE
1x Painters Mask PPE
1x Wheel / Tyre Mask
1x Pair of Heavy Duty Gloves PPE
1x Matt-Pack Gun Cleaner (DIP) 1 Litre

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Shopping Satisfaction
Had some useful products and PPE, would recommend for the price. The speed mask is very useful. Makes prep quicker which arguably is more difficult than spraying.
Scott S.