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RAAIL Xytek Car Kit - Black Base Gloss

£ 480.00(537.60 €)
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4 x 1 US Gallons
Factory Sealed Tins
Ready to Spray - No thinning required

1 US Gallon genuine ready to spray RAAIL

We started to test and try RAAIL. We bought a pallet of it and this is all we have left. We decided not to go with it as it is pretty much identical to FullDip, but more expensive so seemed no point.

Make sure you purchase enough for your project. When its gone its gone, we will NOT be getting more.


The real question is though would we put on our own cars? Yes, and we have

Clearance items are sold as seen. NO warrantee, NO guarantee and NO returns
As with all dips, try on an insignificant part of project first. Be sure it is safe on your project. It is YOUR responsibility
Sounds doom n gloom. We have used it on our cars no problem and would be happy to continue to use and sell, but just too expensive.