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Pigment HOLOGRAPHIC 35µ 5g

Pigment HOLOGRAPHIC 35µ 5g

(Code: pigmpholo35)
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35micron particle size
To be mixed into a Matte CLEAR
Recommended mix: 5g per 4L / US Gall
Recommended Base: BLACK
Recommended Finish: GLOSS
£ 75.99

Holographic Colour

For this Pearl, you need to use a BLACK base colour. We recommend the BLACK FullDip 4 Litre sprayable.

We recommend using  5g per  4 litre FullDip Clear Matte or US Gallon PlastiDip clear Matte for the HOLO look

YES, really that small an amount!

    You can actually use ANY base colour, but the best effect is over a BLACK by a long way.

    Still only use 5g per 4l / us gallon.

Its a bit dull with a MATTE finish and we recommend SATIN finish minimum, but prefer a GLOSS finish to really make it pop and show.   

REMEMBER - this is not the cheapo holographic 'glitter'. This is the proper 'PIGMENT'


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