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Pigment Fluorescent PURPLE

Pigment Fluorescent PURPLE

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To be mixed into a Matte CLEAR
100g bag
Recommended mix: 25g per litre
Recommended Base: 100% WHITE
£ 18.95
To be mixed into a Matte CLEAR
Recommended mix: 20g per litre
Recommended Base: WHITE

100% HAS to go over a white base 100% or will look rubbish.

Pigment bag for mixing with either matte FullDip, PlastiDip®, or any other liquid wrap or paint. 

Fluorescent pigments are quite a ball-ache to mix. We recommend you add it a few grams at a time while using a drill to mix it, then mix a few minutes, then a few more grams. If you don't, they will not be blended properly and project will look terrible. Spitting while spraying and clumping in the gun hopper. Seriously we recommend you massively overmix this compared to other pigments, and then mix some more!

REMEMBER - ALL fluorescent colours (neon / blaze) fade. They last longer with a pro UV coating on top, but they will STILL fade. We recommend using on parts, badges etc. NOT full cars. If you do on full cars then expect it to look tired and faded. You can of course do a few coats to top it up and fix it, but we recommend not doing full cars.

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