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Matt-Pack Pigment Blender + Spare Container

Matt-Pack Pigment Blender + Spare Container

(Code: mppblend2)
Pigment Blend Fluid
+ Spare Blend Pot
£ 11.99
Our own blend specifically designed to help the mix / blend of the pigment powders into the FullDip or PlastiDip matte clears.

  • Easier to mix the pigments
  • Better mix
  • Properly dispersed pigments
  • Helps not getting tiger stripes
  • Spare pot to mix into
See vid below. Pour the pigments into an empty container, add the blend, shake and that's it. Simple as that. Next day give it a really good shake, pour into the clear matte material, mix and ready to go :)

Will mix up to 50g of a powdered pigment. Or 75g of the FullDip pigments.

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