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Matt-Pack CS4X Chameleon Pigment

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40g Bag
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10g Bag Colourshift Chameleon
You don't need a lot of this pigment at all.

For this Chameleon, you need to use a BLACK base colour here. We recommend the BLACK FullDip 4 Litre sprayable.

We recommend using  2g - 5g  per litre in FullDip Clear Matte or PlastiDip clear Matte

Mixed into FullDip or PlastiDip® best mix is 2-5g per litre of matte clear, satin mix or high gloss top coat. For best results with FullDip FD650, Earlex 2901, Earlex MS3000 or the TSS ProHSE.  Hold the gun a little further away. Around 30cm (12"). This helps avoid getting lines. Turn the flow up to compensate though

CS4B and CS4X are the same colours. The CS4X is just a larger flake pigment. CS4B is a smoother transition whereas the CS4X is more 'sparkly'. We love them both. CS4X is available in aerosol as well.

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