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Matt-Pack CS4B Chameleon Pigment

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40g Bag
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40g Bag Colourshift Chameleon

For this Chameleon, you need to use a BLACK base colour here. We recommend the BLACK FullDip 4 Litre sprayable.

We recommend using  10g - 20g  per litre in FullDip Clear Matte or PlastiDip clear Matte

Mixed into FullDip or PlastiDip® best mix is 10g per litre of matte clear, satin mix or high gloss top coat. For best results with FullDip FD650, Earlex 2901, Earlex MS3000 or the TSS ProHSE.  Hold the gun a little further away. Around 30cm (12"). This helps avoid getting lines. Turn the flow up to compensate though

CS4B and CS4X are the same colours. The CS4X is just a larger flake pigment. CS4B is a smoother transition whereas the CS4X is more 'sparkly'. We love them both. CS4X is available in aerosol as well.

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