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FullDip / Matt-Pack Wheel Kit - ULTRA BLACK

FullDip / Matt-Pack Wheel Kit - ULTRA BLACK

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Wheels up to 19"
£ 37.99

This is our newest and exclusive colour! Now available in aerosol.


A deeper black than standard, deep satin finish out of the can. Use the cheaper black as the base, then finish with this to get desired colour.

Wheel Kit to dip / change the colour of your wheels

MATTE finish, unless add one of the two optional glosses.

Kit comes with;

  • 3x Matte BLACK FullDip 400ml Aerosols
  • 2X ULTRA BLACK FullDip / Matt-Pack 400ml Aerosols



Follow these steps to do your wheels;

  1. Remove the wheels from car/bike
  2. Jet-wash / hand wash and make them cleaner than they were new. Failure to clean 100% (yes, even in the annoying corners of spokes!) will lead to a failure of the dip.
  3. We recommend you then Pre Dip the wheels and tyre faces using our pre-dip and microfibre cloth from the our shop
  4. Mask the tyres with 2″ (optional extra)
  5. Pre-Dip the wheel again
  6. Dip the wheels with chosen colours in recommended order.
  7. Leave for minimum of 8 hours then apply chosen gloss (optional)
  8. Leave for 12 hours, remove tape and refit wheels. Be careful not to damage the dip sliding over the wheel studs, or fitting the wheel bolts.

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