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FullDip 400 ml Aerosol - Smoke RED (fld013)
  • FullDip 400 ml Aerosol - Smoke RED (fld013)
  • FullDip 400 ml Aerosol - Smoke RED (fld013)

FullDip 400 ml Aerosol - Smoke RED (fld013)

(Code: fld013)
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FullDip 400ml Aerosol
1 Nozzle Included
Matte finish
Recommended BASE : CLEAR
£ 6.78
Discount on quantity

Smoke is a transparent coloured spray used to tint glass, windows, headlights or rear lights. The more you add the more coloured it will be and less transparent.

** MAKE SURE IT IS LEGAL IN YOUR COUNTRY / REGION BEFORE USE ** - We recommend show use only

The BLACK SMOKE has far too great a coverage, so we recommend you use 5 coats of clear matte, then ONLY 2 BLACK SMOKE


Includes one standard white nozzle.

Wraps, protects and changes colour with matte finish. It can be removed by peeling it, as if it were a conventional vinyl.

Long research and development process from pioneers in the liquid vinyl.

A Full Dip 400ml spray covers up to 1.2 m2.


Liquid Vinyl spray application, once dry becomes a tough elastic and durable film.

It can be easily removed.

Full dip can be cleaned with most soaps, and resists water, mud or pressure water cleaning.

No cracks or self peeling with the time.

For instructions see our Installation Guide.

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