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FullDip 400 ml Aerosol - GLOW IN THE DARK (fld500)

FullDip 400 ml Aerosol - GLOW IN THE DARK (fld500)

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FullDip 400ml Aerosol
1 Nozzle Included
Matte finish
Recommended BASE : WHITE
Recommend a glossifier topcoat too
£ 11.28

Full Dip Glow in the Dark.

Full Dip Fluorescent Glow in the Dark. This glows and emits light in the dark for a long period of time.

Photo luminescence, how does it work? The liquid vinyl is able to absorb and charge up light from the sun, UV and electricity, this then releases and glows in darkness.

Full Dip Glow in the Dark is available in matte color and as usual in all products, you can easily remove it when you want. If you want gloss finished, a gloss topcoat can be applied.

Includes one standard white nozzle.

Wraps, protects and changes colour with matte finish. It can be removed by peeling it, as if it were a conventional vinyl.

Long research and development process from pioneers in the liquid vinyl.

A Full Dip 400ml spray covers up to 1.2 m2.


Liquid Vinyl spray application, once dry becomes a tough elastic and durable film.

It can be easily removed.

Full dip can be cleaned with most soaps, and resists water, mud or pressure water cleaning.

No cracks or self peeling with the time.

** Important **

Glow pigments are notoriously difficult to spray. Very easy to end up all patchy or blotchy. Mostly because you can't see how it went down until after its dried and then charged up with UV light.

For instructions see our Installation Guide.

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