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FullDip® 400 ml Aerosol - Candy Pearl DEEP PURPLE (fld916)
  • FullDip® 400 ml Aerosol - Candy Pearl DEEP PURPLE (fld916)
  • FullDip® 400 ml Aerosol - Candy Pearl DEEP PURPLE (fld916)
  • FullDip® 400 ml Aerosol - Candy Pearl DEEP PURPLE (fld916)
  • FullDip® 400 ml Aerosol - Candy Pearl DEEP PURPLE (fld916)
  • FullDip® 400 ml Aerosol - Candy Pearl DEEP PURPLE (fld916)

FullDip® 400 ml Aerosol - Candy Pearl DEEP PURPLE (fld916)

(Code: fld916)
FullDip® 400ml Aerosol
1 Nozzle Included
Recommended base: - BLACK
£ 12.99
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FullDip® MATTE Candy Pearl Deep Purple 400ml Aerosol

Recommended base colour: - ANY

Please note depending on what base colour you choose it will dramatically change the colour. It is designed to go over solid colours, we recommend a Black or a White Base coat (see pictures to see different effects). It looks great in the sun light with a gloss topcoat, and really gives you that edge. 
All Candy Pearl aerosols need a base colour.

We recommend for all pearl colours to have a gloss topcoat added, so that the pearl flakes stand out more. Making the colour 'pop' in the light!

Includes one standard white nozzle.

Please note: - This is a MATTE FINISH, if you want it with a glossy finish, add a couple of coats of 'FullDip® or Plasti Dip® GLOSSIFIER / FullDip® Super Gloss'. Please see links below.

How to Spray - Aerosols: 

1. Surface must be clean and dry. For best results, avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, or breezy conditions.

2. Shake can vigorously for one full minute after mixing ball begins to rattle. Shake often while applying.

3. Hold can 6-10” from surface, moving can back and forth, slightly overlapping each stroke. Apply heavily enough to produce an even, wet appearance.

4. Allow 30 minutes’ minimum between coats. Apply as many coats as desired (3-4average).

5. Allow 4 hours’ minimum dry time before use. Coverage: Approximately 5-10 sq. ft. per can.


For best results:

1. Pour into a jug

2. Sit the can in the jug for a few minutes to warm it up

3. Dry can and shake well

4. Use as described leaving 10 mins between coats, 5 coats are best

5. Leave overnight to dry and cure

We have a video showing this on our site and YouTube channel.

Spraying Tips: 

Always protect surrounding areas from over spray. Allow 4 hours per coat for complete dry. If runs or sags are experienced, move can further away from surface. To avoid clogged nozzle, turn can upside down and spray for 5 seconds. If clogged, remove nozzle and soak in naphtha or mineral spirits for 30 minutes. Do not stick pin or other objects into stem. Use naphtha, xylene (xylol), or toluene (toluol) for clean-up. To greatly increase non-skid properties, sprinkle a generous amount of grit onto wet surface of first coat. Apply at least two additional coats of Plasti Dip®. For best results, use a pumice (crystalline silica) grit. Results may vary with other grit additives. When applied properly Plasti Dip® can be removed from most surfaces, if desired. ** Information taken directly from Plasti Dip® USA**

Read the complete MSDS information on Plasti Dip®, Plasti Dip® Spray and Full Dip®.


Our own website, our Facebook and YouTube channel contain more information, walkthroughs, and help. Lots of pictures and videos.

Description for FullDip

Liquid Vinyl spray application, once dry becomes a tough elastic and durable film. Wraps, protects, and changes colour with matte finish. It can be removed by peeling it, as if it were a conventional vinyl.   FullDip® can be cleaned with most soaps, and resists water, mud, or pressure water cleaning.

A FullDip® 400ml spray covers up to 1.2 m2.



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