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FullCarX® - Wheel Cleaner 750ml
  • FullCarX® - Wheel Cleaner 750ml
  • FullCarX® - Wheel Cleaner 750ml

FullCarX® - Wheel Cleaner 750ml

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FullCarX® Wheel Cleaner
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FullCarX® Wheel Cleaner 750ml

Tire cleaner with high descaling capacity. Remove all types of dirt attached to any tyre. It has a high degreasing power.

Easy application It does NOT require the use of a brush or brush, as its high decontaminating power removes even the most encrusted dirt.

Optionally, it can be used with a cleaning cloth or brush for the most inaccessible surfaces. Recovers and adds shine to tires. Safe application for all types of tyres.

Available in 750 ml format with convenient spraying system. 100% environmentally friendly biodegradable


Spray on the tyre to cover the entire surface.

Leave on for 20 seconds and rinse thoroughly with water. Never exceed the exposure of the product for more than a minute.

For best results, rub directly with a cleaning brush before removing the product.

Rinse thoroughly with water under pressure.


Do not apply with the hot tyre.


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