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FullCarX - Upholstery Textile Cleaner

FullCarX - Upholstery Textile Cleaner

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FullCarX Upholstery Textile Cleaner
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UPHOLSTERY TEXTILE CLEANER by FullCarX. Cleans textiles(upholstery) effectively and quickly. It eliminates even the most persistentof dirt that has penetrated the textile fibres.

It dissolves the great number of stains thatcan be found in upholstery, panels, trays and any textile in the interior ofthe vehicle, including oils and greases. It also incorporates a nice lasting andfresh perfume.

Basic instructions for use:

Shake the container slightly before using the product. Keepcontainer upright and spray 15-20 cm away from surface. Extend the product witha cloth or brush until a slight foam is observed in the areas being treated. Itis not necessary to leave it to act, and the process can be repeated if thestain persists. Remove the foam with a damp cloth, rinse with another dampcloth if necessary and finally allow to dry. Make complete parts. 














































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