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FullCarX® - Steering Wheel Restoration Kit
  • FullCarX® - Steering Wheel Restoration Kit
  • FullCarX® - Steering Wheel Restoration Kit
  • FullCarX® - Steering Wheel Restoration Kit
  • FullCarX® - Steering Wheel Restoration Kit
  • FullCarX® - Steering Wheel Restoration Kit

FullCarX® - Steering Wheel Restoration Kit

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FullCarX® Steering Wheel Restoration

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FullCarX® NANOCARX® Steering Wheel Restoration Kit 

The FullCarX® Leather Wheel Restoration KIT is specially designed to repair your vehicle's leather steering wheel in a few simple steps. Black colour/

It can be used both in the early stages of wear or discoloration, even in the advanced stages of complete restoration. Easily restore any leather steering wheel in minutes. The dye used is permanent, watery, harmless to the skin tissue itself and dries quickly. Fully guaranteed, made in Spain (Valencia) by FullCarX®.

Contents of the KIT:

Sand 400 to soften and open pores: Use sandpaper before using dye. The purpose of sandpaper is to open the pore so that the paint penetrates and softens the areas of wear, typical of friction with rings or simple peeling resulting from the passage of time. With sandpaper, you can soften the entire steering wheel and greatly facilitate the absorption of dyes and pigments.

Black neoprene gloves. High thickness and reusable.

Professional degreaser 30 ml, especially for the skin. Degreaser based on deodorized essence used in the pre-treatment and preparation of technical skins.

30ml Matte Black Dye, water, especially for the skin. Black smoke dye, matte finish, water-based, high staining power and lots of cover. It is applied to a sponge.

Sealant 30 ml. Apply once the steering wheel is tinted. Wait at least two hours.

Sponge applicator.

Microfiber wipe

INSTRUCTIONS Follow the three simple steps:


Apply to the entire steering wheel using a soft, clean white cloth and slightly moistened with degreaser (apply several times if necessary). This process is very important to remove traces of grease or sweat from the hands and for the dye to adhere optimally.

STEP 1.2 Sponge-sandpaper. Gently sand the leather on the steering wheel. It is VERY IMPORTANT to perfectly sand the entire wheel to open the pores of the leather and thus allow the dye to penetrate. Once the steering wheel is sanded, remove the dust produced by the terry sandpaper very well. It is recommended to pass the Degreaser again.

STEP 2 DYE leather repairer.

The repair dye should be used after cleaning and preparing the leather, once it is perfectly degreased. Before giving the tincture, protect the parts that we do not want to dye. The dye is applied when the leather is dry, half or 1 hour after cleaning. After stirring the product so that the pigment mixes well, it should be applied with a sponge in the affected areas (with loss of color) and give a first thin layer on the surface with circular movements and always from seam to seam.

To speed up drying, you can use a hair dryer, not very hot, just to facilitate drying. It is better to apply several layers before one with a high load If one part is very discolored and especially needs more dye, apply only several hands to this area, and then homogenize with the rest of the steering wheel.

For a better finish on the steering wheels in very poor condition, after each dyeing, you can sand the area again to soften the leather and give it a new look. Once sanded, apply dye again. It can be done several times until it has a perfect finish. Keep in mind that the dye must be very dry in order to sand.

STEP 3 SEALANT Special Fixator

Once the repair dye is very dry (minimum 2 hours once dry), the protector is applied with a clean, lint-free cloth and the leather can absorb it. It should not be applied as if the cloth were a brush because when drying, the past will be visible. The application must be done little by little without excessive movements / trawls on the steering wheel, i.e. wet and let air dry. It can be applied 2x times on the steering wheel.

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