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FullCarX - Quick Detailer

FullCarX - Quick Detailer

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FullCarX Quick Detailer
£ 13.99

QUICK DETAILER COATING BRIGHTNESS (ALL IN ONE) by FullCarX. Product "All-In-One" body cleaner shine. Once applied on the body of the car, it is characterized by a light coating that enhances the gloss and finish of the vehicle.

It increases the gloss of the varnish, seals it quickly, protects it by getting an anti-scratch, dry clean (moderate dirt), is water repellent, can be applied on plastics, gums and crystals and applied in just 10 minutes.

Basic instructions for use:

Shake the container slightly before using the product. Incorporate a professional spray type Canyon, regulate the diffuser until a well expanded rain. Just apply a small amount in each area to be treated, spread the product with a microfiber, and remove with a dry one. Perform the process by wipes and localized parts: doors, bonnet, roof, fins ... You should quickly observe both the increase of brightness and the silky touch. 













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