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FullCarX - Plastic, Rubber and Tyres Cleaner

FullCarX - Plastic, Rubber and Tyres Cleaner

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FullCarX Plastic, Rubber and Tyres Cleaner
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PLASTICS, TYRES AND RUBBER CLEANER by FullCarX. Protectivecleaning product specially designed for all types of plastics, tyres orrubber. Removes dirt embedded / adhered to target surface. Perfect finish withgloss and protective coating.

Most common utilities: To recover the intense black colour tothe tyres, to all the areas of the exterior and interior of the vehicle, also cleaning of engine bays, including sleeves, rubber, metals.... Recommended.

Basic instructions for use:

Shake the container slightly before using the product. Keepcontainer upright and spray 15-20 cm away from surface. Extend the product witha cloth / chamois, starting to clean the less dirty parts first.  







































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