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FullCarX® - Nano Detailer 750ml
  • FullCarX® - Nano Detailer 750ml
  • FullCarX® - Nano Detailer 750ml

FullCarX® - Nano Detailer 750ml

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FullCarX® Nano Detailer
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FullCarX® Nano Detailer 750ml - H9 Coating Reinforcer

Lightening and protective for the body in high gloss finish. Specially developed to maintain and improve the NanoCarX treatment, although it can be used quickly in isolation as a brightener.

It generates a coating layer that provides a splendid shine to the body, acquiring hydrophobic properties and maintaining the action of NanoCarX 9H.


Spray a small amount of product directly on the body.

Spread with a microfiber cloth and rub lightly to homogenize the shine

Dry with another clean, dry cloth.


Before applying the NanoCarX detailing the body should be clean and dry and preferably have applied the NanoCarX 9H treatment. Under no circumstances should it be applied to a dirty surface.

For proper maintenance of NanoCarX 9H, it is recommended to repeat the process once a week. In this way, it is possible to maintain the protective and hydrophobic properties.


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