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FullCarX® - Insect Remover - BULK - 5L
  • FullCarX® - Insect Remover - BULK - 5L
  • FullCarX® - Insect Remover - BULK - 5L

FullCarX® - Insect Remover - BULK - 5L

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FullCarX® Insect Remover
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FullCarX® Insect Remover - BULK - 5L

Cleaner specially formulated to eliminate insects that remain attached to different parts of the vehicle such as windshields, mirrors, bumpers, mirrors, etc.

It dissolves and quickly and without rubbing dry insects that have impacted the body of the vehicle. It also effectively removes bird droppings.

It offers transparency and avoids reflections, thus increasing visibility and thus improving driving safety.


  • Spray a generous amount directly on insects attached to the body.
  • Leave on (maximum 1 minute) so that the insect cleaner dissolves the encrusted insects.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water under pressure.


Although insect cleanser can be used independently, the ideal is to use it as a preliminary step to the general washing of the body.

Given the chemical composition of insects, such as bird droppings, potentially and very quickly damage body lacquer. It is therefore important to keep this substance as short as possible, avoiding unwanted damage. It is recommended to apply the product every time you make a long trip with your vehicle.

Do not exceed the exposure time.

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