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FullCarX -  Hydro-Alcoholic Sanitizer

FullCarX - Hydro-Alcoholic Sanitizer

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FullCarX Hydro-Alcoholic Sanitizer 750ml
£ 17.84

FullCarX 70% hydro-alcoholic solution 750ml specially designed for cleaning and sanitizing all types of car and home surfaces; including glass, metals and plastics such as methacrylate. Examples can be the car's steering wheel, trunk, seats, handles, and any interior / exterior surface. As for domestic use, it can be applied on office elements, such as tables, computer screens, mobile phones or the house or car keys themselves. In addition it also eliminates residues (grease, glues, inks ...). 70% Alcohol.



  • Sanitize  all any part of the rooms or surfaces.
  • Ultra fast evaporation. Leaves no residue.
  • Aroma of alcohol. No added perfumes.
  • Quantity:  Large Format  750ml, great performance.




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