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FullCarX® - Carnauba Wax
  • FullCarX® - Carnauba Wax
  • FullCarX® - Carnauba Wax

FullCarX® - Carnauba Wax

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FullCarX® Carnauba Wax
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FullCarX® Carnauba Wax 200ml

FullCarX® Wax is formulated with 100% authentic carnauba wax imported from Brazil, which, in its final formulation, and with additives, minerals and essential oils (organic and inorganic) provide exceptional shine, hardness and protection for weeks. Brazilian carnauba wax is its main asset, and its application is surprising because of its very easy extensibility, shine and even fragrance that make it unique on the market. Direct factory price, we are the largest FullCarX® dealer in Europe. Contains silicon, so the final protective layer is extremely hard and resistant. Without conventional silicones.


1.- Wash the vehicle thoroughly (FullCarX® shampoo is recommended)

2.- Dry the entire vehicle completely with a Jumbo (or similar) chamois skin, taking particular care not to leave any trace of water during the process.

3.- Apply the carnauba wax with a specific applicator and spread in circular motions. It is recommended to apply with a wax applicator sponge (yellow). Apply wax for complete cloths, hood, fin, etc.

4.- Depending on the ambient time, leave on for 3-8 minutes and then remove and homogenize the excess with a soft microfiber until an intense gloss is observed.

5.- Important, it is not necessary to use a lot of product in each application (a container of 150 ml should give 7 to 10 applications)


To maintain the shine of the body, it is advisable to repeat the carnauba Liquid Wax hair removal once a week. It is advisable to apply the product in very small quantities to avoid the formation of application marks.


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