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FullCarX® - Body Degreaser 750ml
  • FullCarX® - Body Degreaser 750ml
  • FullCarX® - Body Degreaser 750ml

FullCarX® - Body Degreaser 750ml

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FullCarX® Body Degreaser
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FullCarX® Body Degreaser 750ml

Powerful degreaser specially formulated for the treatment of metal areas with high descaling power. Especially for very dirty areas like tires or specific body areas.

In addition to degreasing quickly and effectively, it contains polishing additives that give a glossy finish to the treated area. It is suitable for application in areas that require deep cleaning due to its coating. The degreaser contains drying additives that facilitate drying without body marks.


Dilute the degreaser 5% (50 ml of degreaser in a litre of water)

Spray on the surface to be treated

Leave on for a maximum of 2 minutes

Rinse thoroughly with water.

Dry the treated surface with a microfiber cloth.


The FullCarX® degreaser can also be used with a Foamer. For this, it is advisable to dilute 50-70 ml of degreaser per litre of water.

On very dirty surfaces, it can be applied directly without dilution, but it is advisable to carry out a preliminary aptitude test.

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