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FullCarX - Active Shampoo

FullCarX - Active Shampoo

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FullCarX Active Shampoo
£ 13.99

ACTIVE SHAMPOO (BRIGHTNESS POTENTIER) by FullCarX. Super concentrated shampoo of great quality design for the cleaning of car bodies. It generates a cleaning foam that causes the dirt to come off and slide, avoiding the formation of small scratches on the treated surfaces. This product cleans, degreases and polishes in the same cleaning operation. It is designed for all kinds of colours and paintings.

Provides a VERY intense shine, with wax effect in a single cleaning application. It is recommended for a superlative finish to treat the paint with the Quick Detailer FullCarX to leave a mirror shine durable and protected. The ideal combination for body cleaning.

Basic instructions for use:

Pour 2-3 plugs into 5 litres of water. It can be applied manually, sponge or microfiber directly rubbing the body. To activate it, it can be left to act 1-2 minutes after its application for a greater cleaning power, during this time the shampoo continues penetrating to clean the more adhered dirt. Rinse with plenty of water and dry with microfibers, to avoid marking and creating micro-scratches on the body.  

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