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Cyan Glow In The Dark Pigment
  • Cyan Glow In The Dark Pigment
  • Cyan Glow In The Dark Pigment

Cyan Glow In The Dark Pigment

(Code: pigEglowcyn10g)
Pigment : 10 gram bag
£ 7.93

Glow In The Dark Pigment - CYAN pigment Mix with matt plastidip for best results 40g is enough for a 1 litre mix

Although this will go over ANY base, it glows better the lighter the base (usually WHITE)

We recommend using  50g  per litre in FullDip Clear Matte or PlastiDip clear Matte

Mixed into FullDip or PlastiDip® best mix is 40g per litre of matte clear or satin mix. For best results with FullDip FD650, Earlex 2901, Earlex MS3000 or the TSS ProHSE.  Hold the gun a little further away. Around 30cm (12"). This helps avoid getting lines. Turn the flow up to compensate and slow your passes down though.

These will GLOW for upto 8-10 HOURS, unlike the cheaper poorer pigments! For best results lay 5 coats of base colour down, then at least 4 coats of this powder mixed into chosen clear. This is an incredibly hard one to do properly. If not enough on it will give a speckled look when glowing. Unfortunately you can't know this until the job is completed which is what makes it so hard to do. Not for the beginner at all

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