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Clearance - New Old Stock - Super Cheap - 5x Camo Tan FD Tinter

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£ 9.99(11.19 €)

Item for sale ;

5x FullDip Camo Tan tinters.

These have gone solid
I assume they just need opening, some PD thinners added, and re mixing. 

I have done this with previous ones and been fine, i just don't have the time so grab a bargain.


All sealed and perfect condition.

Recommend filtering it before use as will be dried particles around the neck, that might drop in when opened.

We would have NO reservations in using it here, indeed we may actually use it and if we do use it, it be removed from here.

NO warranty given, implied and NO returns on these items.

Tins / containers may be dirty / dusty or have marks. Labels may be damaged.

Great prices to clear some space for new lines.

Not a colour you want? Simply use this as a basecoat. A cheaper way to build the layers up.

A good cheap way to practice your skills?

A cheap way to mix pure for a ratio you prefer?

When it’s / they’re gone, they’re gone

It won't be exactly measurement show but very close to it, maybe more, maybe less but only by a few ml.

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