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Autoflex Express (AFX) - Spray Wrap Pro X (CLEAR)

Autoflex Express (AFX) - Spray Wrap Pro X (CLEAR)

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Autoflex Express (AFX) - Spray Wrap Pro X (CLEAR)

£ 45.99

The best just got better…

Get to know your new best friend. A smooth, strong, flat substrate for unrivaled base coats, color coats, pearl coats and overall product build. Now with no High Build Primer needed, use less material per car while achieving an even thicker film.  This new coating is exceptionally resistant to fisheyes and surface contamination.  SWPX is designed for experienced, professional users looking for the highest quality liquid wrap possible.

Stats and Figures:

  • Auto-Leveling formula for a flat and smooth surface

  • Excellent resistance to fisheyes, no HBP needed

  • Super high build

  • Ready to spray out of most HVLP compressor spray guns without need for reduction

  • Flexible, stretchy structure

  • Hard, strong finish

  • Excellent pearl suspension

  • Advanced strength and durability

  • Great UV stability

Spray Wrap Pro X flows smoothly through an automotive HVLP spray gun with a 1.8 - 2.0 tip at 18-22 PSI.  2.0 will allow for faster application speeds.

This is NOT the old Autoflex and nothing to do with the old one. We have nothing to do with the old one and never will.

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