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AdBlue 5 Litres
  • AdBlue 5 Litres
  • AdBlue 5 Litres

AdBlue 5 Litres

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AdBlue 5 Litres

DIN 70070


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GreenOX AdBlue®. 5 Litre container.

What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a high purity operating fluid, used in the emissions removal systems of diesel engined vehicles and equipment. Chemically speaking AdBlue® is a 32.5% solution of Urea in purified water.

The AdBlue® is stored in a tank on the vehicle and from there dosed automatically by the ECU directly into the exhaust gas at a rate in relation to the amount of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) being produced by the engine.



Following mixing, the AdBlue® and exhaust gas mixture passes into a catalyst system where a chemical reaction takes place converting the NOx to harmless Nitrogen and Water, which are then expelled from the end of the exhaust.

During the reaction the AdBlue® is consumed and needs to be replaced by refilling the tank periodically. AdBlue® consumption is related to engine load, engine size, travelling terrain and temperature.

Why is AdBlue® quality so important?

A new vehicle or machine is an expensive investment so to keep it operating optimally and earning money is of vital importance.

Because AdBlue® is dosed into a catalyst system, it is necessary to limit the presence of certain elements and compounds which can block the active sites on the catalyst. Such blockage can reduce the efficiency of the system, ultimately causing the pollutant levels to rise outside of the preset limits in the vehicle ECU, leading to power limitation until the problem is resolved and possibly needing replacement of the catalyst. In addition, blockage of the catalyst can lead to undesirable back pressure in the engine, leading to reduced fuel economy.

Elements that can cause problems include those found commonly in tap water such as Calcium and Magnesium which can cause a build up of scale, similar to the type found in a kettle, iron or boiler. This scale cannot be cleaned from the catalyst and is why it is important to never fill tap water into the AdBlue® tank.

Other elements needing limitation include Iron, Aluminium and Copper which block the reactive sites on the catalyst. Whilst not normally found in high quantities in water, these elements can be introduced into the AdBlue® by the use of incompatible storage tanks, pumps or pipework as AdBlue® is mildly alkaline and will dissolve metals such as mild steel, aluminium alloys and brass. These dissolved metals will then be irreversibly deposited in the catalyst.



Product Information

  • AdBlue® for SCR diesel vehicles, ready to use
  • 32.5% solution of pure urea in demineralised water
  • Quality guaranteed to DIN70070
  • Quality guaranteed toISO22241

Storage Information

  • Freezing Point: -11
  • Store out of direct sunlight
  • Shelf life 18 months when stored below 25
  • Close containers when not in use

Handling & Usage Information

  • Corrosive to metals other than stainless steel
  • In case of skin or eye contact rinse with plenty of water
  • Prevent spillages from entering watercourse or drains
  • Absorb with sand or suitable dry absorbent
  • Vehicle damage can result from contamination or improper use


DO NOT add directly to diesel

NON-Returnable container

Dispose of container sensibly once contents used

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