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Trainee Dip of your car

Use the below product to book your slot. Only once this £50 is paid will your slot be reserved.

Once we have received an email from you with the chosen colour, all the details required you can use this.

Key points:

This is our new trainee sprayer doing the car. There may be blemishes, there may be imperfections. You accept this.

You must still maintain the car properly, to avoid damage to it.

This is a matte finish only. There may be a similar gloss training session in the future. This is kind of an experiment to be honest, we have never tried this before.

You allow stickers to be placed on the car (tastefully placed of course – not in middle of a door etc.).

You allow us to use pictures on our website, or any media source we wish.

All cars will have a unique mark on them to distinguish them from fully fledged paid dips we do.

You will pay us £50 ONLY to do the work.

You will pay for the dip required, pearls etc. Most normal cars this will be around £100-200. So in total you could only be paying £150!! For a small car.

So, apart from the above you get a massive knockdown priced dip, all you have to do is drop the car in and collect is done.

This is a limited time offer for cars booked in October to be done in October and November. We may extend to December, but if our new trainee picks it up then we will be back to normal pricing.